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Private Childbirth Classes

For "bed rest" moms or those for whom the regular scheduled classes won't work, in-home childbirth classes are available on an accelerated schedule and with customized content . . .

While most expectant moms and their partners enjoy the interaction with others in the twelve-hour, small group classes, these just won't work for some.  Although one-on-one childbirth education is necessarily more expensive you do get the benefit of flexible scheduling, the option of having the training in your own home, faster completion usually in two sessions totaling four to six hours depending on content, and curriculum and practical exercises customized to your individual needs.  

Private, in-home classes are particularly appropriate for expectant moms placed on "bed rest" who still want themselves and their partners to learn the skills that will make the labor easier and enhance the birth process.

Private lessons cost $200 for one session (3 hours), $375 for two sessions (3 hours each) in my home.  Add $100/night for class in your home. Contact us at kim@birthnbabies.info or (314) 518-5724 for more information and to check availability.  Only a limited number of private clients can be accepted due to scheduling limitations so please make arrangements well in advance.