Day 1

8:30am-4:30pm Intro To Childbirth for Doulas

Break for dinner (on your own)


What is a doula

Prenatal and initial client contact

Interview techniques

Emotional support during labor

Beliefs about birth

Impact of birth on a woman’s life

Evening ends at 9:30pm

Day 2


Scope and ethics of doula practice

Training and experience

Safety precautions

Values clarification and cultural diversity

Hospital roles and conflict resolution

Lunch (provided)

Cesarean birth and VBAC

Comfort measures

Doulas and epidurals

Day ends at 6:00 pm

Day 3


Business of being a doula

Difficult births—challenges & strategies

Lunch (provided)


Postpartum care

Closure of relationship with client

Birth simulations *

Evaluation of program

Day ends at 6:00 pm

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