Small Group Childbirth Classes

Affordable, small-group education is offered in our comfortable home environment . . .

BirthNBabies offers a small-group childbirth course taught by an International Childbirth Education Association and Lamaze International Certified Childbirth Educator. The classes are held in our large, comfortable home located in the Southwest section of the City of Saint Louis in the beautiful Clifton Heights Neighborhood.

This comprehensive course is typically offered one evening a week for four weeks from 6:15 PM until 9:00 PM. Check the class schedule page for available dates. Private childbirth classes are available for those needing in-home service due to their schedule or "bed rest" status.

Class sizes are limited so register early. It is recommended to take classes around your 28th - 32nd week of pregnancy. If you are already there call anyway! We'll make room for you!

Be advised, if you are considering a class through a hospital, check to see if it includes breathing and relaxation techniques to prepare you for labor. Some hospitals classes, especially those taught by labor and delivery nurses, are not childbirth classes but orientation classes to hospital procedures.

Small-group childbirth classes cost $150. Some insurance companies will cover part or all of this cost. Check with your carrier.

Add a breastfeeding class Week 5 for $25!

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